For finding out everything about Warframe drops


Welcome to Framefinder. The purpose of this website is to provide a single location in which one can search through all of warframe's drop table information, and do so in a customizable, fast, and usable format. To get started, simply click on the Search tab and start experimenting. For an explanation of the searching mechanics, visit the User Guide. To make a suggestion, report an issue, or just say hi see Contact.


All drop data is pulled directly from the official Warframe drops page, located here. As such, the search data is representative of the PC version of the game, and may not always be accurate for console players (although the loot tables generally match up). The data pulled from this site is translated into a json dump, if anyone is interested in using this the latest version can be found here.

Developer's Notes

Yes, this is a very basic website. This is unlikely to be changed, as whenever I do have time to work on this project I prefer to improve the searching mechanics. Any suggestions regarding functionality of the overall site and search mechanics are greatly appreciated, as I cannot account for every use case on my own. If it's feasible, I will do my best to include it. Bug and Error reports are also greatly appreciated, please include the search parameters being used and descriptions of the expected and actual behavior to help get things fixed as soon as possible.