This page provides extra details regarding the searching mechanics. Although it should be pretty intuitive, clarification never hurt anyone.

Quick Tips

  • Spelling and spacing matters, casing does not.
  • You can search for multiple items at once by separating with commas, e.g. Axi C4, Axi H4
  • Missions are sorted by highest total drop chance of included items.
  • By default, both keys and drops are searched.

Output Full Entries

Mark this box if you would like to see everything about an entry returned by your search. For instance, if you want to know which missions have the highest chance of dropping an Axi V2, but want to see everything else that can be dropped in that mission too, select this.

Only Seach Keys

Use this if you only want to return tables with matching keys. For instance, you want to see everything Kela de Thayme drops, but don't want to see the tables for mods that she drops.

Only Search Drops

Use this to only return tables which contain the searched item, aren't titled by it. For instance, you want to see what drops Mesa, not what Mesa drops.

Only Output Active Relics

Prevents tables of vaulted relics from being displayed.

Find missions dropping relics containing search

Use this to specifically find missions with the best chance of dropping a desired item. For instance, mark this if you want to know which missions have the best chance of dropping any Chroma Prime relics. This is useful if you're looking for multiple relics, vs. if you were just searching for a single relic.